150 Custom Complete Speed Kit

150 Custom Complete Speed Kit


This fantastic airbrush and compressor kit has every thing you need to start airbrushing.
This high quality kit is available only from Airbrush Supply Network, and is the best value on the market.

* Solid brass flush nuzzle

* Detachable head



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Kit includes:

Airbrush kit
***1x 150 Medium airbrush
***1x Complete head assembly Fine
***1x Needle Fine
***1x Complete head assembly Large
***1x Needle Large
***3x Rubber head seals(already assembled)
***1x 8ft vinyl airline & adaptor(boxed)
***1x Lube 15ml 
***1x Spanner
***1x Colour cup
***1x Counter balance handle(already assembled)
***4x Speed jar 60ml & speed adaptor sets
***1x 4 Hole speed holder
***1x Mini stencil set 6pk(teeth & eyelash)
***1x Wash bottle large
***1x Microbrushes 12pk
***1x Masking tape 18mm
***1x 3 Tier carry box with foam inserts
Translucent & Opaque ink kit 6x500ml
***1x 'T' Black
***1x 'T' Red(O)
***1x 'T' Blue(G)
***1x 'T' Yellow(G)
***1x 'O' White
***1x 'O' Light Grey
Fibonacci stencil set
***1x Fibonacci stencil round A3
***1x Fibonacci stencil round A4
***1x Fibonacci stencil round A5
***1x Fibonacci stencil round A6
***1x Fibonacci stencil ellipse A3
***1x Fibonacci stencil ellipse A4
***1x Fibonacci stencil ellipse A5
***1x Fibonacci stencil ellipse A6
Spamax AF-500 Compressor
Light weight
2.5 lt holding tank
1/6 HP motor

*** Combination must consist of no more than 2 Opaque & 4 Translucent or 6 Translucent 

*** If you would prefer other colours, please specify in comment section of the checkout

24 months free service (RRP $40.00 (parts not included)) for any airbrush brought from Airbrush Supply Network

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