150 Custom Speed Kit

150 Custom Speed Kit


Take full advantage from all the benefits of a multi head siphon fed airbrush with the speed jar & adaptor set, a speed holder & combined with all the extras it make this our leading edge kit

* Solid brass flush nuzzle

* Detachable head



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Kit includes:

Airbrush kit

***1x 150 Medium airbrush
***1x Complete head assembly Fine
***1x Needle Fine
***1x Complete head assembly Large(i
***1x Needle Large
***3x Rubber head seals(already assembled)
***1x 8ft vinyl airline & adaptor(boxed)
***1x Lube 15ml 
***1x Spanner
***1x Colour cup
***1x Counter balance handle(already assembled)
***4x Speed jar 60ml & speed adaptor sets
***1x 4 Hole speed holder
***1x Mini stencils set 6pk(teeth & eyelash)
***1x Micro brushes 24pk
***1x Wash bottle large
***1x 3 Tier carry box with foam inserts
Translucent & Opaque ink kit 6x500ml
***1x 'T' Black
***1x 'T' Red(O)
***1x 'T' Blue(G)
***1x 'T' Yellow(G)
***1x 'O' White
***1x 'O' Light Grey
***1x Fibonacci stencil elipse A4
***1x Curve master stencil A5

*** Combination must consist of no more than 2 Opaque & 4 Translucent or 6 Translucent

*** If you would prefer other colours, please specify in comment section of the checkout

24 months free service (RRP $40.00 (parts not included)) for any airbrush brought from Airbrush Supply Network

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